Top 10 Bathroom Design and Color Trends for Fall 2016, Part 1

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Remodeling a bathroom is a big task, one that requires a lot of time and money to take from planning to completion. Before investing all those hours and dollars into a renovation, homeowners should take the time to make sure they choose a design and fixtures they are truly happy with, and that really meet their specific needs for their personal bathroom space.

With that in mind, our bathroom remodeling Fairfax experts have put together a starting guide to what’s “in” for bathroom design right now, to help homeowners create the bathroom they deserve a little bit easier.

  1. Wood – For many homeowners, bathroom design is a constant struggle to add light and warmth to a small, enclosed space that generally doesn’t lend itself to either of those things. But as many designers have discovered, the natural, rich colors of timber are a great way to add just that sort of touch to a bathroom. Whether you use panels to frame fixtures or go for a wood counter or floor, your bathroom’s overall look will benefit from the addition. (Of course, be sure that the wood is treated to stand up to water and dampness!)
  2. A Return to Simple Tile Designs – During the last few years, the trend in wall and floor tiles for bathrooms has pointed more toward simple designs, either with plain, single-colored tiles or ones with simple geometric designs. Since simple designs tend to stay in style longer and can be made to fit just about any space, most homeowners will want to choose an unostentatious tile pattern over something flashier.
  3. Natural Materials – Wood isn’t the only natural material that’s finding a place in many bathrooms. Stone, river rocks, and other earthy materials are also in style for 2016, and for good reason: they add a distinctive, natural look to a space, and are capable of balancing out even the most austere overall design schemes with extra warmth.
  4. Double Header Showers – Double header showers are something you’re going to start seeing more of in 2016. If you’re imagining this means showers with two heads springing from the same rail or dueling shower spray coming from two directions, you’re picturing it wrong. Instead, double header showers have one large, overhead fountain and a smaller, handheld sprayer. In addition to being trendy at the moment, this type of shower setup is incredibly useful and increases user comfort, making it a great addition to any bathroom.
  5. White – There’s a reason white is such a common color choice for bathrooms: it’s bright, clean-looking, and it makes the space look bigger. In spring 2016, the use of white in bathroom designs is “in” in a big way, and we couldn’t be happier about it. White can be the color of the floor tiles, the color of the walls, the countertops, the cupboards, or any combination of those things. Spruce it up with some simple patterns in the tiles, a small vase of flowers on the vanity, or some other colorful flourishes, and your bathroom will have new life breathed into it.